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Stock market Crypto portfolio analysis

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We know that you are reading a lot of news about your stock or cryptocurrency portfolio and that sometimes it can be overwhelming considering the abundance of information.

What if instead of searching through a lot of sources you could see what is happening all over the internet in real time in a simple graphical way?
What if you could make decisions having at hand the sentiment of the market aggregated from over 200 sources of news and social media.
The StockBerry product uses Artificial Intelligence and advanced statistics to compute a relevant sentiment indicator and evaluate the risk of your portfolio.

"We use our custom state of the art Recurrent Neural Networks algorithm specially trained to understand trending terms and different channel slags" Ionut Mironica, PHD, Lead Data Scientist

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Our App is built around your Portfolios, but you can also freely explore the securities you desire.

Advanced Calculus

We provide specialized data about your Portfolios, risk, correlations, return, etc. based on historical data.

AI Analysis

Our custom-built Sentiment Indicator presents the current and historical 'feeling' of the markets.


All relevant information you need for taking trading decisions is available for you in our App.

Awesome Features


Using advanced statistics we calculate a portfolio risk considering securities correlations. The user can also see relevant statistics regarding the evolution of his portfolios.

Sentiment Analysis

Using social media and news feeds we use our custom made AI model to compute a sentiment indicator and display a graphical representation of its evolution.

News Feed

The user is able to see the latest news aggregated from all the top media agencies for his portfolios or chosen securities.


The dashboard provides at a glance view of the user portfolios and stock and crypto market evolution.

Fundamentals (Available in v2)

We will provide fundamental & technical indicators like P/E, P/B, EPS, EBITDA and much more.

Alerts (Available in v2)

The user can configure specific alerts starting from google trends, sentiment indicator, technical indicators and so on.

Predictions (Available in v3)

Based on financial price history we compute different technical indicators and together with the sentiment indicator, fundamentals and google trends we train an AI model that will predict future trends for specific securities.

App Screenshots

Pricing Plan

Free Plan


Up to 3 Portfolios

Up to 5 Securities per Portfolio

5 Securities for Sentiment Indicator

No Fundamental & Technical Indicators

No Predictions


Silver Plan


Up to 10 Portfolios

Up to 50 Securities per Portfolio

700 Securities for Sentiment Indicator

Unlimited Fun. & Tech. Indicators

No Predictions

No Ads

Gold Plan


Unlimited Portfolios

Unlimited Securities per Portfolio

Unlimited Sentiment Indicators

Unlimited Fun. & Tech. Indicators

Limited number of Predictions

No Ads

Platinum Plan


Unlimited Portfolios

Unlimited Securities per Portfolio

Unlimited Sentiment Indicators

Unlimited Fun. & Tech. Indicators

Unlimited Predictions

No Ads

Our Team

Mihai Petrescu


10+ years in IT industry from development, architecture, team leading to managing multiple teams

Cosmin Vacaroiu


10+ years in IT industry development, architecture and team leading

Malin Cumpanasu

Innovation Specialist

4 years in the industry, 2 times international innovation lab winner

Ionut Mironica

Lead Scientist

10+ years in IT industry, PhD in Machine Learning, published papers, professor at the Computer Science University

Ciprian Paltineanu


20+ years in investment banking, asset management and financial services, business mentor, FinTech investor

Miron Stratan

Marketing Advisor

Seasoned marketing expert focused on disruptive IT&C technologies